Meet Nury Martinez

"I remember when I had my daughter Isabelle five years ago, I was given an opportunity to enjoy time with her and so did my husband. He got to take about 30 days off of work with pay, so it gave us an opportunity to bond with our daughter. I think if more families knew that they had this benefit, more families would take advantage of not only bonding with their newborn, but also taking care of a loved one who happened to be sick. It's an opportunity for them to know that they can always go back to work and that there wouldn't be any retaliation against them. Some parents have to sometimes work up to two jobs just to make ends meet. I think that's stressful enough. So many times our parents or our loved ones are not necessarily taking the time to spend time with their families, particularly when someone gets sick, or when a mom gives birth to a child, or when they're adopting a child. Anything we can do to increase awareness of this legislation and give families more of an opportunity to stay home and bond with their loved ones is a good thing overall for society itself.

We are recognizing that this was historic ten years ago. It's important to continue to increase awareness so that more families understand that they're entitled to this benefit, that there shouldn't be any retaliation against them if they choose to take paid family leave, and that they're always entitled to go back to their job."

– Los Angeles Councilmember Nury Martinez

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