Meet Bapa Rao

"In February 2013, I received word that my 79-year-old mother fell and hurt herself very badly. In addition to several fractured vertebrae, she also developed several serious health complications that required long-term care. I am an only child, and my mother – who lives in India – has no one else to tend to her, so I made immediate arrangements with my employer and my wife to fly out to see her. Thanks to California's Paid Family Leave program, I was able to take four weeks from work to care for my mother, secure in the knowledge that I wasn't abandoning my family responsibilities at home. Paid family leave gave me tremendous peace of mind during a very stressful situation. I had no experience dealing with this kind of emergency. The paid leave helped me focus on helping my mother until her health improved, so I could return to work. I wish everyone knew about this kind of program across the state – it is so important. And if we had a national program that could extend benefits, that would make the lives of many people like me so much easier."

– Bapa Rao, Los Angeles, CA

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