Angela Shing

My sister and I are very close emotionally, but she lives in NYC and I live in the SF Bay Area. When she suddenly had a stroke two years ago, I jumped on a plane and rushed out to see her and find out what was wrong. After a battery of tests, it became clear that she had a rare condition that had caused the stroke, but a doctor at Stanford University School of Medicine had the expertise to help her. I ended up having to do a lot of cross-country traveling to care for her and help set up treatment for her on the west coast. I used up all my vacation days, and then exhausted my unpaid Family Medical Leave. Thankfully, my employer was understanding and I was able to return to my job after helping my sister get the medical attention she needed, but worrying about my income during an already stressful emotional situation was hard. The expansion of Paid Family Leave to include siblings will be an important step forward for all Californians who must work and care for sick relatives.

—Angela Shing

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