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Though many Californians are eligible to receive paid family leave benefits, awareness of the program remains low. In fact, just over one-third of Californians know that they can use these benefits to help them care for newborns, adopted or foster children, or ill family members—and this percentage has decreased in recent years.

You can help turn this around.

Join the #HowICare campaign to let your family, friends and colleagues know how they can learn more about paid family leave. It’s simple: Use the sample messages below to share information about paid family leave via email, Facebook and Twitter. You can copy and paste messages directly from this page, or create your own using the hashtag #HowICare.

Also, fill out the orange form on this page to receive more information about paid family leave in California and around the country.

Sample Email Text [copy and paste]

Dear Friend,

Most Californians who live and work in the state are eligible for paid family leave benefits to help them care for and bond with a new baby or adopted child, or to care for a sick family member. But most of us are unaware of this program. The result is that many people are forced to make hard choices between caring for loved ones and trying to make ends meet.

You can help make a change! Learn more about this valuable program at www.paidfamilyleave.org. Then share this message and URL with five of your friends, family members or colleagues via email, or on social media using #HowICare.

It’s a simple act, but you can make a difference by spreading the word.

Thank you,

Your name

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DYK? If you’re a Californian expecting a baby, adopting or fostering a child, or caring for a sick parent or other family member, you may be eligible for Paid Family Leave. Check out www.paidfamilyleave.org to find out if you’re eligible and learn more. Then share this post with at least 5 of your Facebook followers. #HowICare


Most Californians are eligible for #paidfamilyleave. But fewer than half know about it. Learn more & RT: www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

Q: Can Californians get paid benefits to care for new babies & sick relatives? Answer: www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

CA offers #paidfamilyleave to care for new & adopted babies and ill relatives. Learn more & RT :www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

CA offers #paidfamilyleave to care for new foster children and ill relatives. Learn more & RT: www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

Are you eligible to receive #paidfamilyleave benefits? HINT: If you live in CA, you probably are. www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

DYK? CA's #paidfamilyleave offers benefits to care for ill family members and new babies. Learn more: www.paidfamilyleave.org#HowICare

CA’s #paidfamilyleave now offers benefits to care for more family members, like siblings. Check it: www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare

CA’s #paidfamilyleave now offers benefits to care for more family members, like grandparents. Check it: www.paidfamilyleave.org #HowICare