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California Stories

  • Angela Shing

    Angela Shing

    "The expansion of Paid Family Leave to include siblings will be an important step forward for all Californians who must work and care for sick relatives." MORE »

  • Meet Nury Martinez

    Meet Nury Martinez

    “People shouldn’t have to choose between spending time with their newborn babies, caring for a family member or going to work to put food on the table. Having an income source during these critical times can provide peace of mind.” MORE »

  • Meet Bapa Rao

    Meet Bapa Rao

    "Thanks to California's Paid Family Leave program, I was able to take four weeks from work to care for my mother, secure in the knowledge that I wasn't abandoning my family responsibilities at home." MORE »

  • Meet Jennie Pasquarella

    Meet Jennie Pasquarella

    "It's especially important as a working woman to have these benefits, because without it, we have to make the difficult decision of either giving up our jobs, or leaving our very young children in the care of others." MORE »

  • Meet Larisa Casillas

    Meet Larisa Casillas

    "I live in the San Francisco Bay Area—an extremely expensive place to live—and it was really important for me to have that income so that I could spend time with my new baby without worrying about how I was going to make ends meet." MORE »

  • Meet Mary Ignatius

    Meet Mary Ignatius

    "Now that the hardest part of my youngest son's treatment is over and I am back at work, I can concentrate better and can do my work more effectively because I could take paid time off." MORE »

  • Meet Lisa Allen

    Meet Lisa Allen

    "Had I been able to take care of my grandmother in her last days, I would have felt more at peace and not felt like I abandoned my family during their time of need." MORE »

Blog Posts

  • Letter to Assemblymember Daly: Coalition Calls for Expanded Paid Family Leave Education

    While the majority of Californians pay into the state's Paid Family Leave fund, only four in ten who are eligible are aware of the program. Awareness is especially low among new immigrant, low-income and young workers, creating inequities in access to this important benefit. The California Work & Family Coalition and partner organizations signed on to the letter below to request that the Budget Subcommittee 4 support the use of a small, defined portion of the Paid Family Leave fund for education and enrollment support. MORE »

  • A Call for Targeted Education Efforts for Families

    Paid Family Leave allows most employed Californians to take up to 6 weeks per year of leave from their job and receive up to 55% of their wages up to a maximum. Paid Family Leave (PFL) may be taken for bonding with a new baby or to take care of a sick family member, and is 100% employee funded. It is a critical support to families and has wide benefits. However, low awareness about the program keeps some families from benefiting. Targeted education efforts will raise awareness so that Californians who most need it can take Paid Family Leave. MORE »

  • Paid Family Leave: The Need for Outreach

    Paid Family Leave allows most workers in the state to take up to 6 weeks of leave from their job and receive up to 55% of their wages. Paid Family Leave may be taken for bonding with a new baby or to take care of a sick family member, and is 100% worker funded. MORE »