Unions and the PFL Program

Unions in California have been strong advocates for paid family leave, and for job protection while and after workers take leave in order to meet their family duties.

If you are a union member, you may have the right to job-protected leave through a collective bargaining agreement that differs from, or directly reflects, the Paid Family Leave program in California.

There are a few ways you can learn more about PFL in California, and educate your union leaders and members about family leave laws in California, including the California Paid Family Leave program:

  • Download this this reference guide or email us to order copies.
  • Bargain for family-friendly contract language, including family and medical leave. Download this bargaining fact sheet for tips and examples of family friendly contract language related to leave.
  • Join the Labor Project for Working Families’ online resource network – LEARN Work Family – to access contract language, resources and fact sheets, case studies, bargaining techniques and much more!